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DUI Violations Across State Lines

Many states share information regarding criminal offenses. This is particularly true of traffic violations and DUI convictions. Every state in the United States has, in some way, publically announced that they will freely share information regarding a person’s driving violations. This means that a prior conviction in one state will remain on a person’s record when they cross state lines into another.

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Open Information and DUI Offenses

Many states have recognized the importance of being able to quickly share individuals’ criminal histories with each other. This has been solidified for traffic offenses in an agreement known as the Driver License Compact, or DLC. According to this agreement, intoxicated driving charges will transfer across state lines as if there were no difference in jurisdiction. However, there are some limitations to this agreement, and not all states adhere to DLC regulations. The following are important things to understand about this sharing of information:

  • DLC states will automatically share information
  • A handful of states do not follow DLC rules, but will share information
  • Insurance companies are not informed through these lines of communication

A person can expect that one DUI charge in a particular state will be considered a prior offense in every other state. This means any additional convictions can result in increased penalties and less leniency in sentencing.

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