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Phoenix Criminal Law Firm

Facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming, and often scary situation for any individual to take on alone. Criminal charges carry the potential of threatening your freedom, your reputation, and even your future career prospects; as such, it’s important to seek legal representation immediately, and start discussing possible defense strategies for your case.

Phoenix criminal law firm, Thompson & Volquardsen, P.C., offers aggressive representation in a variety of criminal cases, and we specialize in Arizona DUI’s. If you’ve recently been charged with a DUI, first offense, second offense, or even third offenses, it’s imperative you discuss the possibilities of your case soon. Our Phoenix DUI lawyers work diligently, and take the time to address all possible avenues in an effort to lessen your charges.

Woody Thompson & Jay S. Volquardsen are based in Phoenix, Chandler & Scottsdale, Arizona, and have decades of combined experience in a wide range of civil and criminal law matters. They have proved themselves as attorney you can trust with even the most serious DUI and criminal charges in the state of Arizona. One of our own was selected as a 2015 member of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. Thompson & Volquardsen, are proud of their reputation and are ready to put their experience and resources to work on your case. Contact us today for a free consultation at (602) 510-9999.

Why Choose Thompson & Volquardsen, P.C.

As a leading Phoenix criminal defense law firm, we know & understand the processes of aggressively representing individuals that are facing criminal charges. Our results speak for themselves, and we continue to uphold the highest level of dedication to our clients as they face the difficult road of navigating the legal processes.

We begin our processes by examining every angle of your case. Our developed negotiation and trial skills makes us some of the most dependable lawyers in Phoenix, and we always approach our work with diligence. Our criminal lawyers are here to support you in maneuvering the legal system. In addition, we understand the seriousness that charges can carry, and could potentially be significantly impactful on your day-to-day life, so we do our best to aim for the best possible outcome for your situation.

The law firm of Thompson & Volquardsen, P.C. will provide legal advice, and strategize with you. It’s important to document everything you remember about your case, and present it to your attorneys. The sooner you seek representation, the sooner we can begin evaluating details, and come to a clear understanding of how we can best represent you.

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If you are facing alcohol-related driving charges, criminal charges, or traffic violations, do not hesitate to contact the Arizona DUI attorneys of Thompson & Volquardsen, P.C., in Phoenix at (602) 510-9999, in Scottsdale at (602) 327-1179, and in Chandler at (480) 203-8977.

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